The rapid rise in influencer marketing has brought a huge shift to the advertising strategies of brands on social media. These brands have realized the value of influencer marketing in increasing awareness, reaching out to new audiences, improving their brand presence and most importantly, boosting sales conversion.

Influencers deliver messages directly to your audience and you don’t have to worry about Ad blockers when you advertise through them!

But choosing the right influencer is not that easy. Engaging an influencer with the highest number of followers does not guarantee a better result. Many digital marketers are cracking their head over this.

Firstly, you need to understand there are two types of influencers, Micro & Macro, and Instagram is their playground.

3 Types Of Social Media Influencers

Micro Influencers

These group of people might be within your circle as in your friends, colleagues or even neighbours. They usually have a smaller number of followers on Instagram, usually ranging from 1000 to around 100,000.

Do not let the numbers mislead you as Micro Influencers are known to have better engagement rates than Macro influencers because they are still able to build a personal relationship with their audiences.

This is also because they have a personal story to tell or share with their followers. Whether it is something they are wearing on that day, a chocolate cake they are eating or a cosmetic product they like, their story resonates pretty well with their followers.

More about Micro influencers…

• They don’t cost as much as macro influencers and are suitable for most brands

• You get to target a new, niche audience

• Better engagement and conversion rate

• You can actually work with multiple influencers at the same time

• Plenty of Micro influencers out there and they cannot demand high rates due to the competition

However, you have to be aware that Micro influencers can be inconsistent, and specific audience targeting may not work. In addition to that, you may not have a lot of control over the content produced.

Macro Influencers

These guys are the big fishes in the pond. Macro influencers average at least over 100,000 followers. Traditionally, celebrities are the only ones with a vast fan base. But with the evolution of social media, there a plenty of other personalities with a massive number of followers. Some even eclipse certain celebrities.

Typically, you pay big bucks for Macro influencers. Here are some reasons why brands look out for Macro Influencers:

• High level of professionalism and work ethics

• You get to have strict control over the content you wish to publish

• They have vast number of audiences. Hence, a wider reach

• You only need one influencer instead of searching for a few Micro influencers to get the same message out there

The downside to working with Macro influencers is definitely the cost because they are probably represented by their management team or a hired agency who will set the price.

Time To Choose. But How?

The most important step is to do in-depth research before collaborating with an influencer. This is to ensure you have the right influencer lined up for your marketing campaign.

Picking the wrong influencer can be damaging for your brand, especially if the particular influencer lacks credibility among his or her audience.

Similarly, you need to narrow down your campaign objectives. Are you trying to create awareness? Or are you targeting more engagement? Or probably you want more reach?


If you have a big budget and want massive reach, aim the juggernauts of Macros influencers – the celebrities themselves. They will ensure you get a broad reach and the engagement your brand needs in no time.

Whereas if you are equipped with a low budget, you can always target multiple Micro influencers at the same time and do a bit of bargaining to get the most out of your budget. Micro influencers are the best option if you’re looking for efficient consumer conversions.

But remember, once you have chosen the ideal influencer for your campaign, it is imperative you monitor their performance and your campaign analytics.

If you are still having a hard time finding the right influencer for your business, take Adqlo for a spin. The simple yet smart platform enables you to study the hashtags and posts published by relevant influencers.

Shortlist and pick the one that resonates the most to your marketing needs.