It has spiralled out of control, and the trend will come to an end, eventually…” 

This is something we have heard multiple times (in various versions), from many clients who somewhat ‘test’ the water  on whether or not they should invest in digital marketing. 

In the end, lack of understanding and the fear of change puts them off. Unfortunately, the rest of the world, including their competitors are moving on, and gaining more market share while these traditional owners continue to pull their businesses


Traditional VS Digital Marketing

Thanks to digital marketing, there has been a seismic change in how potential customers consume advertising campaigns. Marketers have more control in their hands when it comes to platform and audience targeting to maximize their ROI. Artificial intelligence and Big Data are a norm in most marketing campaigns, and at times, marketers may feel as though everything is moving at a breakneck speed as they try to keep up with it. Although there are plenty of differences between digital and traditional marketing, we will be focusing on these three key points that always stand out:

Consumer Behaviour Behind Every Click

Audiences are no longer reacting impulsively to ads that are placed in front of them. Instead, they prefer to do quick, micro searches every day. This behaviour brings new sets of challenges to marketers. 

Consumers are nit-picking on the type of content they prefer to see, watch or listen. Through digital marketing, companies can effectively measure their Ads by capturing audience behaviour and journey even before the campaign ends.

With this valuable real-time data, marketers behind each campaign can easily adjust and tweak their campaigns to achieve better results way ahead of time.

Data Accuracy

As a digital marketing professional, you will need to track and report the metrics of every marketing campaign regularly. Although the more technical part of this process will most likely be taken up by a team of data analysts, every single person on a digital marketing team needs to have a good understanding of how these metrics can be used. Marketers will be able to strategize a better marketing campaign, make informed business decisions and build strong brand awareness with the right use of marketing data.

The Difference in Demographic

Potential customers are engaging brands differently compared to last time, and one of the factors is there’s a much broader audience presence today then it was before. Audiences are more dynamic when it comes to Ad interaction these days.

With the expansive range digital platforms hold, the content you post online has the potential to reach a global audience. This means you will have different sets of challenges and competitiveness in grabbing the attention of your audiences.

Why Digital Marketing Is More Effective?

Here are some significant reasons why brands pick digital marketing over traditional marketing.

Dynamic Audience Engagement – There are more opportunities for marketers to interact with the audience from any location through digital marketing.  On top of that, they can study the behaviour of their potential customers and create personalized, targeted campaigns to ensure a better return of the Ad spend. You are also able to integrate chatbots and CRM platforms to improve your connection with your potential customer.

More Sales Leads – Traditional marketing made large corporations blow a huge budget in advertising. At times, it can be millions of dollars a year. Now, you can reach a wider audience with a way lesser budget. And with all the advertising tools available to marketers now, creating a lead gen Ad is ever so simple.

Real-Time Data and Analysis – The technology we have today allows marketers to track and analyze both historical and real-time data to understand how effective their campaign is performing. Moreover, predictive analysisis more accessible with the amount of data marketers are able to gather from digital marketing campaigns. These data allows marketers to identify a lot of variables that may affect the success rate of a campaign.

What Are The Most Transferable Skills For Advertising Professionals ?

Marketers need to be creative and are often required to think out of the box. Here three core skills a digital marketing professional should possess.

Creative We spoke about the audience demographic earlier and how potential customers consume content. In order to stay ahead of the curve, marketing campaigns need to stand out and capture the attention of the audience in the first few seconds they see it. This is where creativity comes into the picture. Creativity comes in a holistic package. It not only means you need to have a kick-ass design and Ad copy, but you will need a very creative marketing or sales funnel to nurture and then convert your leads.

Copywriting Copywriting or we prefer to call it Marketing Writing is an underestimated skill set. Writing is crucial and needed in almost any type of business out there. An excellent web copy can go a long way in building your business. Digital marketing requires brands to write non-stop as consumers are devouring content at an extreme rate. On top of that, CRM also comes to play, and this is where your email marketing campaigns, SMS marketing, Messenger marketing and others come to in to play. Sadly, big corporations would instead outsource this task to agencies rather than to build their team of writers for a stable yet long term success. The best example we can give you is the continuous improvement of a brand’s SEO.

Design - For those of you who have watched the hit Tv series Mad Men, you would have an idea of how big of a role an Ad design plays in a marketing campaign. Although today’s advertising business is increasingly driven by technology and data, the basic understanding of advertising and design somewhat remains the same. Similar to a creative Ad copy, only an interesting or eye-catching graphic will grab the attention of your target audience.


Technology has come a long way, and it has now created a lot of opportunities in finding new ways to connect with consumers.

Traditional marketing is not dead. But it is less effective in the current landscape. With digital, you are able to do a lot more. It empowers marketers and brands to create the perfect campaign through a variety of channels. You can easily penetrate your audience through mobile, video, social platforms, emails and even SMS.

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