About Us


Our Mission

Being so hands-on with social media and its related technology, we knew there's a way to empower, enable and enrich every person in the world with easy access to essential data, and social analytics. At Adqlo, we believe in equipping every social media marketer out there with meaningful social insights for better marketing decisions. Our platform does just that and helps brands make calculated decisions in connecting with their consumers that drives their businesses forward.

Our Values

We are determined to achieve our mission by holding close to our values and to make sure our customers have the best experience. With the rapid growth in social, more and more insights become available for marketers. And we want to be at the centre of it and present what's most useful to your business.

Our Team

More than meets the eye. A bowl full of Programmers, a cup of Data Scientists, and a pinch of Social Marketers make up our team. We eat, drink, sleep social media. Our diverse pool of skill set is mashed together and allows us to provide continuous improvement to our platform. We break barriers and continue to innovate new ways to give the best to our customers and clients.