Close the gap between data collection and analysis

Waste no time collecting data from multiple source points. Have everything you want in real time and fully customised the way you want it to be.

Get faster business insights compared
to everyone else

Move away from the traditional, manual method of analysing rows and rows of data with wordy reports. We use machine learning, automation, and artificial intelligence to get what matters the most for each business—all in real time, whenever you need it.

A strong, customisable, and interactive data monitoring hub

Customise and have a clear solution on how you want to present crucial data for quick viewing and on-the-spot analysis. Ease your data analysis flow and optimise your business results.

Instant value with deep data preset and customisation

Organise your dashboard by department, unit, division, or even platform. Drive your business decisions, change the game, and bring focus, agility, and confidence to your team.

TV dashboard display setup customised for your business requirements

Show off your key business performance to potential clients through wall-mounted TV’s throughout your office. Create a culture of data transparency in your organisation and let your team view their performance at a glance.

Technology, experience, and solution all in one

We bring marketing and data solutions to you in a single space, so it is easy and accessible for you to self-service your business analytics. Let’s talk about what Adqlo can do for your business.