The Art of

AI and Data

What happens when you combine the skills of marketing and the power of technology? It was this question that inspired us to create Adqlo.


With just a few clicks, our AI-driven engine gathers and processes mass amount of data and empowers you to discover invaluable insights through our visual analytics platform.

Adqlo for Your Business



Adqlo integrates with your business data to provide a unified view for you to make business decisions and annual reports easily.

Predictive Analysis


Discover future opportunities for your business, no matter which industry you’re from.



Analyse your data anywhere with internet access through our secured cloud-based system.

Our Vision To become the
no.1 data analytics company
in South East Asia

Our Mission To make
data analytics easy and useful
for everyone

Technology, experience, and solution all in one

We bring marketing data and solutions to you in a single space, so it is easy and accessible for you to self-service your business analytics. Let’s talk about what Adqlo can do for your business.